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Great guest blog on human trafficking. check out the link below:


Today I simply want to post a portion of an article I read a couple of days ago on the subject of human trafficking. As some of you may know, my life coaching practice donates a percentage of income earned towards ending this type of human slavery and abuse, so occasionally I post on the subject just to raise some awareness and encourage people to get involved.

I would like to commend the man in this article who intervened by calling local authorities when a victim of human trafficking begged for his help in the night club where he met her.

I hope you enjoy this article from one of the anti-trafficking blogs I follow:

“After meeting a young female in a night club who asked for help in leaving a potential labor trafficking situation, an anonymous male from Santa Fe, NM called the hotline. She had been promised a job as a lifeguard at a summer camp, and instead was forced to work at the night club.
After meeting a young female in a night club who asked for help in leaving a potential labor trafficking situation, an anonymous male from Santa Fe, NM called the hotline. The caller, a young man, disclosed that he had been in trouble with the law and was not supposed to be at the type of location where he met the victim. Even though he believed he was risking getting himself into trouble, he felt the need to report the situation after hearing the young woman’s plea for help. The young woman told the caller that she came to the US from Indonesia shortly after her eighteenth birthday; however, the caller highly suspected that she was indeed still a minor. She had been promised a job as a lifeguard in Vermont at a summer camp for children with disabilities, and instead was brought to New Mexico and forced to work at the night club. She had been in the situation for over one year. She told the caller that she could no longer take the sexual abuse inflicted upon her by her two male controllers. In addition, her controllers confiscated all of her wages that she earned working 14 hours each day every week. The young woman told the caller that she lived with nine other women who worked at the club, all from various regions of Asia, and all recruited in their home countries. They were each promised various rewarding employment positions; not one of the women expected that she would be subjected to such horrific circumstances such as being forced to work in the night club and having to endure the continuous sexual abuse. The caller believed that the night club owner was fully aware of what was going on and how the women were treated by the two male controllers. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center reported the situation to a local human trafficking task force, who opened an investigation.”

In the words of the song twenty seven million, about human trafficking:

“we’ve got to rise up, open our eyes up! Be her voice, be her freedom, come and stand up!”

The proceeds of this song by Matt Redman and LZ7 on iTunes go directly toward ending modern human slavery -specifically, human trafficking!

I want to encourage you to get involved! Find an agency you agree with their values and mandates, and vision, and help be part of a solution to end such a violent anti-human rights, abusive multi-billion operation at the expense of innocent lives! Let’s help make a difference – one victim at a time!

My company supports the A-21 Campaign. Feel free to check them out to, if you feel a tug at your heart to get involved!

New Movie recommendation on the subject:

Just watched this last night: 6 bullets, with Jean Claude Van Damne, who plays an ex-military guy, mercenary for hire, who embarks on missions to rescue children from the sex trade. Very powerful, very gripping movie! Check it out!

Also, keep your eyes out for ‘Taken 2’ releasing soon in theatres, the Sequel to ‘Taken’, with Liam Neeson, on the subject. I advise watching ‘Taken’ first, if you have not yet seen it! The first one is available to rent or purchase on DVD or digital copy. It is also available on Apple TV. I believe it is also available on Netflix.

Hope today’s blog encourages you to become an advocate for those who have been victimized and sold into slavery.

Enjoy your day, and consider fighting for a good cause!

‘where there is no vision, the people perish’.

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