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I was supposed to blog on Wednesday, but ended up being way to busy to get to my blog 😦

So today, before i write today’s blog on taking the initiative – developing assertiveness, I am simply updating you that I will not be blogging next Wednesday or Friday, as my husband and I will be away on a MUCH needed vacation! The goal is simply to take a break from all the busyness of life and just simply avoid technology and work as much as possible! I firmly believe that our bodies need rest to recover from the busyness of today’s lifestyles!

I know what prolonged periods of stress can do on our bodies, to wear us out from over-exerting ourselves, trying to do more than is humanly possible on any given day! I believe in balance. A healthy balance of healthy living. I admit, when I’m on the go too much, I cave under time constraints and end up eating a lot less healthy than my body requires! This only contributes to the problem more! My goal is to get back in balance with getting enough rest, finding time for the gym, and eating healthier, taking breaks, enjoying my life, spending time with friends and family, and develop a healthy work life balance! This is one of the things I hope getting away on vacation will help me with… To reorient myself and get back into a healthy groove! (Not to mention the amazing Holiday we have planned!!!)

So our vacation plan is to head south to Montego Bay Jamaica!!! My hubby and I leave next Wednesday and will be back the following Wednesday! Sooo looking forward to this!!

This means that I will not be blogging while I am away.

But I hope to blog about my vacation once I’m back and fill you in on our trips & post some pics for you!

Stay tuned! My next blog, today’s blog on assertiveness, is coming shortly!

Have a great weekend!

I realize as I embark on today’s mission of blogging about things like body image, and appreciating our positive qualities and learning to like ourselves, that this subject alone should be a three part series! I am attempting to do the impossible in one blog! I will do my best to summarize without losing a great deal of content!

While in general, for a person who wrestles with their body image when they look in the mirror, it may be easy to see all the flaws, wrinkles, bulges, grey hair, and within seconds of asking the question of what you like least about your body, you could easily rattle off about 50 things you hate about the way you look.

Let’s begin with a simple exercise in non-judgment. Instead of looking at ourselves in comparison with what society and media says the average man or woman should look like, let us rather appreciate the beauty in others and in ourselves, and try not to make comparisons or judgments. It’s an effort in changing the way we think about ourselves, as well as what is important.

The reality is, outward beauty will always fade away eventually, and if this is what we live for, we are missing a deeper, more authentic and internal beauty of strength and character. I am not saying “Don’t be fit”, “Eat junk food all day long” and just let yourself go. By no means! I am suggesting that we care for our bodies, spirit, soul and body. We all know eating healthy, and staying fit is good for our bodies in a multitude of ways… Exercising regularly and eating well not only help mental acuity and promote healthy a heart, and make our brains happier, but it also does so much for helping with emotional issues such as depression and anxiety! I believe we need to learn to care about our whole self, simply because we are worth it.

Our worth is intrinsic and God given. What we need to determine is WHY we do what we do. If we are at the gym 5 days a week out of pressure to look good according to society, bearing ourselves up for not losing enough weight, or eating too much at the last family holiday dinner, these motives can actually be harmful to us, and do not promote healthy self care. If, however, we are learning to have compassion for ourselves and learning to like who we are, and are doing these things to be healthy and to care for ourselves, not only will your success and results come sooner, but you will also notice you are beginning to feel much better about yourself as a person. What you see in the mirror will be someone you care for and treat with respect and honor and love.

So how do we get there? Paying attention to the negative messages we are telling ourselves and believing is a good start. Noticing them enough to reframe the message to something positive or to simply say ‘stop’ to ourselves when we begin to judge ourselves harshly, and practice non-judgment of ourselves is a good start.

I’m going to propose a few steps further.

First, I’m going to ask you to write a list of ten positive things about yourself that are true and realistic. For instance, you might recognize that you are a loyal friend, or that you are very organized, a good listener, or compassionate and empathetic. You might like the fact that you take charge of a situation when it is needed, or are an advocate for those who need one. You might believe that you are responsible or successful. Make a list of these qualities. They can be internal character traits or external, such as you might like your eyes even though you aren’t happy with your current weight. You might like that tattoo you have that expresses who you are or that you are talented and athletic.

Are you, or have you been recently,

Kind to anyone?
Helpful or handy?
Humorous in a way that helped another person?
Trustworthy or loyal?
Strong or resilient?
Do you see the best in others?
Are you patient?
Imaginative or creative?
A leader?
A good story teller?
A thinker?

You should have a pretty good list by now to get the juices flowing! Are you already starting to feel less negative about yourself if you find yourself identifying with anything on the above list?

Once you have your list, try repeating it to yourself daily for a while. It helps to re-wire your mind and train your Brian how to think using new neural pathways that are more positive toward yourself. If you have just done this exercise, you have just been kind to yourself and loving! Way to go!

If you struggle with negative physical body image, focus on six areas of yourself physically that you DO like, and repeat that to yourself daily! Often we see ourselves externally in a way that we allow to affect how we view our core worth. Our core worth does not come from anything external. We simply have worth. But for the purpose of this exercise, to help you get to that understanding, look at yourself in the mirror several times a day and look for things that are ‘right’ about your body and physical appearance and find what you feel is attractive about yourself. This too, is caring about yourself, despite what others think, say or do, increasing your own sense of intrinsic worth which is not dependent on such externals like other’s opinions or popular media ideals.

Next, let’s take a look at the deeper part of the self. Your character. Your moral values and strengths you possess in these areas. As they say, beauty is only skin deep. If all you have is the outward looks, but are empty inside, you will become a shell of a person. The charisma of a person comes from what is on the inside and flows outward. Let’s look at the inward beauty you possess, which miraculously, automatically makes you more beautiful outwardly!

Which qualities from the list below do you identify with and feel are attributes you possess? Mental note, do not look at this list from a place of judgment of yourself for each quality you don’t identify with. Without counting a score, or getting down on yourself for what you don’t relate with, simply take a few moments to enjoy the qualities YOU possess! We are all unique and have our own gifts, skills and talents. None of us were meant to all possess all qualities. Variety is the spice of life!

Do you feel like you have:

Respect for others? Yourself?
Willing to admit your faults?
Tolerance or appreciation for diversity?

Your challenge today is to combat your negative self judgments with anything positive from the lists above that you identified with, and repeat them to yourself and remind yourself to have compassion toward yourself and self care by being loving toward yourself!

Good luck!

How many of you truly believe that you have unconditional worth? That your self worth is not defined by external standards, such as what other people think of you, expect of you, your performance, your physical appearance, or your confidence level? Did you know that your worth does not need to be proved or earned, and NEVER changes, despite your flaws or moral failures?

Your productivity at work, your talents or lack thereof, your attitude, or even your hygiene practices, your education, gender, race, mistakes, decisions, marital status, spirituality or personal handicaps of any kind do not diminish or increase for that matter, your unconditional worth as a human being. Simply put: Your worth and value as a human being is exactly that – unconditional. Never changing. Absolute. Stable, constant, infinite and eternal, God given value as human beings, created in the image of God.

Nothing external can change your value or worth as a human being. How much money you make, how you look, despite the Hollywood pressure to look ‘perfect’ and be the perfect weight, with not a single human flaw… These pressures do not determine your value or your sense of worth. There are incredible pressures to be ‘ideal’ and perfect without flaws, and there is pressure to perform perfectly and not make mistakes, but the reality is, perfection is an illusion for humanity. We have flaws, we make mistakes, we are not perfect. And that is ok. We need to learn to have grace for ourselves, self compassion, and compassion for the mistakes of others.

Regardless of the fact that we are imperfect beings capable of making mistakes and failing at tasks expected of us, or even moral failure, these external factors still DO NOT diminish our worth! It is innate, God given, and irrevocable!

When we equate our worth to external factors, such as some of the examples we looked at, we allow our self esteem to rise and fall according to external events. Ie. My boyfriend broke up with me; therefore, I am not worth being loved. Or here is another example: I missed my deadline at work; therefore I am a failure. An example of a moral failure: ‘my marriage didn’t work out and ended in divorce because I was abusive; therefore, I am a horrible person.’

When your complexion doesn’t look good or you gain a few more pounds then you would prefer, or you can’t stick to your diet, make excuses for not going to the gym to get in shape, or drop out of school, or don’t get the promotion or raise you were expecting at work and allow these things to shape your sense of human value and worth, your self esteem will fluctuate according to external factors simply because you have not yet believed that your core human worth is separate and not determined by these external factors around you. This is difficult to believe in north American culture, where media seems to push the concept that worth IS determined by externals.

Why do we have intrinsic worth? In the words of Rebecca Manly Pippert (1999):

“we are made in the image of God, a God of beauty… God declared his creation good.”

In the words of the Dalai Lama:

“Your feeling ‘I am of no value’ is wrong. Absolutely wrong.”

“When our value as human beings depends on what we make with our hands and minds, we become victims of the fear tactics of our world. When productivity is our main way of overcoming self-doubt, we are extremely vulnerable to rejection and criticism and prone to inner anxiety and depression.” – Henry Nouwen

“God don’t make no junk!” -author unknown

Perfect love drives out fear. Only God is perfect, and perfect love comes from him. If a perfect God declared his creation as good, who are we to dispute that? God determined we have worth regardless of externals. So be it! The problem comes when we allow other people to determine our worth, desperately seeking their approval. Our worth does not come from other imperfect people’s judgment of us. Whether accepted or rejected by the people we try to show we are worthy of their love time, approval or attention, they have no power to diminish our worth. So let’s decide together to not give that power to other people’s opinions of us, and stand firmly with the confidence of believing our worth is innate and God given and nothing and no one can ever change that!

You are worth more than you know!

Why Self Esteem? Experts appear to agree that a healthy sense os self worth and value helps contribute to better health, physically and emotionally, improves cognitive function, and general performance, while a lack of self esteem, or low self-worth, or even self-hatred, contribute to a host of problem areas, including:

Stress & Anxiety
Entering into abusive or unhealthy relationships
Alcohol Abuse
Eating Disorders & Unhealthy Dieting
Poor communication
Low performance & achievement
Withdrawal, Isolation & Loneliness
Preoccupation with Problems.

It’s amazing how the way we view ourselves can affect so many areas of our life. It also amazes me how many of us struggle with being our own worst internal critic, sabotaging ourselves by believing messages that simply aren’t true of ourselves, and judging ourselves harshly and over-critically, rather than showing ourselves compassion.

Kristin Neff, author of the book, “Self Compassion”, suggests that when wrongdoers are treated with compassion rather than harsh condemnation, cycles of conflict and suffering can be broken!” She also openly claims that “if we were perfect, we wouldn’t be human; we’d be Barbie & Ken.” acknowledging the weakness and imperfections of our humanity. She sites Jesus as an example when he said “Let him without sin cast the first stone’, and later, as he hung dying on the cross, he said, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ The message was clear: we need to have understanding and compassion for even the worst wrongdoers, ourselves included.”

Why are we such harsh critics of our weaknesses, failings and mistakes? Doing so only leads to greater depression, self hatred, addictions, and further self sabotage and pain. When we grow up in a less than thriving environment, it is as if our brains are hard wired to be drawn to repeat those same patterns throughout life. Abused, we either become abusive or look for abusive relationships, subconsciously, as an example. While this is not always the case, as there are exceptions, generally if we grew up with a lack of nurture, sense of safety, role reversal relationships, abuse, excessive alcohol use, we grow up in an environment that lacks the proper breeding ground for our brains to function with a positive self image. See my previous articles on brain re-training to understand how our brains work and the information they take in, and how they are able to re-wire previous negative circuitry of the brain to involve higher brain functioning to overcome the negative patterns of thinking that decrease our sense of self worth. While this is a fascinating subject to me, and I will likely blog more on this topic in coming months, I do not want to get too far of track by getting too technical in this blog!

Here’s a little self esteem checkup taken from the book, “The Self Esteem Workbook”, which I highly recommend you to read if you struggle at all with self esteem.

Rate from 0-10 how much you believe the following statements. This will give you an idea of where you are currently in you sense of self esteem.

1. I am a worthwhile person.
2. I am as valuable as a person as anyone else.
3. I have the qualities I need to live well.
4. When I look into my eyes in the mirror I have a pleasant feeling.
5. I don’t feel like an overall failure.
6. I can laugh at myself.
7. I am happy to be me.
8. I like myself, even when others reject me.
9. I love and support myself, regardless of what happens.
10. I am generally satisfied with the way I am developing as a person.
11. I respect myself.
12. I’d rather be me than anyone else.

Next rate yourself from 0-100 on a scale from total lack of self esteem, to total fullness of self esteem.

Where does you gut tell you you fit on that scale? Now ask yourself why that is. See what answers come to the surface. This is the beginning of paying attention to what your core needs are.

For the next month, I will be spending every Friday blogging about self image and self worth.

Today is simply an intro on how to build self esteem.

I will leave you today with a definition of what self esteem is, and the foundations of building self esteem. Next Friday we will delve a little deeper.

What is Self Esteem?

“Self Esteem is a realistic, appreciative liking of oneself. Realistic means accurate and honest. Appreciative implies positive feelings and liking.” – The Self Esteem Workbook

Self Esteem involves self confidence. A belief in one’s abilities. It involves accepting yourself, having compassion for yourself, looking at yourself as neither less than or greater than others, with proper humility and awareness that all of humanity involves weakness and imperfections, with grace for both ourselves and others mistakes.

The Foundation of self esteem involves three things; like building blocks, these three attributes build self esteem:

1. Unconditional Worth.
2. Love
3. Growing

These three building blocks help build a proper, healthy working sense of self esteem.

Stay tuned. Over the next few weeks I hope to equip you with some solid tools to get your sense of self worth out of the gutter, and moving in a more positive direction! It IS possible to retrain our brains, it’s just like physical exercise, it takes work to examine what we are thinking, and consciously taking an effort to think more positively of ourselves. Visualize yourself in the ideal situation, that your needs are met, that you are happy and fulfilled… Apparently, according to research, simple exercises like this DO help. Even if you don’t believe it, spending a few minutes thinking like this, empowers our brain to feel happier, in just the same way that smiling, even if forced, “activates significant areas of the brain – good mental therapy. So at least once in a while, force yourself to laugh or smile, even if you…are smiling through your tears… Get your facial muscles moving!” – Susan Anderson, Taming the Outer Child, A revolutionary program to overcome self-defeating patterns. (Also another highly recommended read!)

That’s it for today, so go ahead… Smile. Even if it’s forced, it triggers neurons in your brain that help the process of retraining our brains to live a healthier lifestyle, and move up the ladder of self esteem.

I will leave you with one last piece of food for thought… To get you thinking about your needs and how to show self compassion to those needs. Take a look at the photo below from Maslov’s hierarchy of needs:

Have a great day!

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And stay tuned for two more great ebook releases in the next month: ‘The Four Stages Of Boundary Development’ and another compelling book simply entitled, ‘Forgive’!!



Long weekend!

I have a love – hate relationship with September long weekends, sigh.

I love having that extra day off and the vacation-like feel of the final long weekend of summer. I hate the fact that it reminds me that fall is coming, which I don’t mind, actually. I love the fall colors when the leaves change color and the crunch of the leaves under my feet after they fall to the ground. But I hate that it reminds me of the dreadful winter months fast approaching where I would rather curl up in my house and hibernate – just like a bear!!! ALL winter long! I hate to be cold. I simply cannot find enough descriptive terminology to thoroughly explain my ultimate detest at the thought of cold and winter… Especially when it involves ME being cold!

I simply LOVE summer, and wish I lived in a climate that was MUCH MUCH warmer than here in Toronto Canada. ALL YEAR LONG! Any takers? Anyone want to hire me in some tropical climate, so I would have to move there? Any takers? I’m thinking: California would be nice, Australia…. Anywhere in Australia where the temperature remains pretty consistent, anything above 12 degrees celsius and warmer would be good! Lol!

Now that I have gone on so long on my rant about summer giving way to cooler temperatures, I will try and segue back to the purpose of this blog, which was simply to recount a relaxing, wonderful long weekend with friends!

Barbecues at the beach, just chilling out and relaxing with close friends that you simply feel ‘at home’ with, sharing in silly and serious conversations, enjoying each other’s company and each other’s cooking! Our friend Chris is the best cook ever, and that isn’t even his chosen career path! All the better I suppose! Our group of friend’s simply get to enjoy his cooking exclusively I guess!!!

So this weekend, a few friends went to check out Innisfil beach, about 45 min north of Toronto (no traffic of course). I’ve never been before, so it was fun to check out a new beach. Located off of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, I must say, Ontario boasts some of the best fresh water beaches ever, with so many lakes in Southwest Ontario!

My favorite moments of the weekend involved a heart to heart conversation with a good friend of mine, while cooling off in the water at the beach, BBQ’s with friend’s, a lazy solitary afternoon on Monday with just my husband and myself checking out the beach in Scarborough, called Scarborough bluffs. My hubby, (Jason) has never been before! I discovered it last summer when a friend of mine introduced it to me! It’s a great little beach, and we went for a long walk, which reminded me of long walks on Cuban beaches. Sigh.

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE beaches? Or summer? Oh wait! I think I mentioned that at the beginning of this blog! I am mesmerized by beaches! I think it is my mission, perhaps on my bucket list even (if I had one) to visit as many beaches in the world and discover which ones are my favorite! If anyone has ‘best ever’ beach recommendations for me, I shall certainly add them to my list!

So the final long weekend of summer has come and gone, and I am thankful. It has been an amazing summer! And a restful and fulfilling long weekend for me. I am looking forward to picking up the pace in my career this fall, but have thoroughly enjoyed slowing down enough over the summer to stop and smell the roses! Life is short! Live it fully!

Tough Mudder 2012


Tough Mudder 2012I think I deserve some bragging rights to promote my husband’s latest and greatest achievement this past weekend! I am so proud of him and his team completing the Tough Mudder competition in Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario, somewhere between Barrie and Orillia, a little ski lodge in the winter, transformed for this event into the 16K Tough Mudder military style obstacle course inviting thousands of tough mudders to take up the challenge, including military personelle from all over Canada. I believe next year it will be held in Montreal Quebec, which my hubby, Jason, and his team are considering doing again!

He has been training for many months toward this big event and I think they all felt a little of the “what now?” feeling after successfully completing the course, including all of its obstacles!

I especially am proud of the ‘team effort’ and support of each of its members to put the team ahead of their individual course time, part of the official Tough Mudder mantra, which states:

“As a tough mudder I pledge that:

I understand that tough mudder is not a race but a challenge.

I put teamwork and comaraderie before my course time.

I do not whine, kids whine.

I help my fellow mudders complete the course.

I overcome all fears.”

It was awesome to watch them work together as a team, helping each other and encouraging each other on! It was also fun watching them jump into freezing cold water, and scale half pipes and 8 and 10 foot walls, and dive into muddied water from the top of the wall, and do the funky monkey, and navigate the 2 electrical shock courses, and they crawled through the spider web, an underground maze, completely in the dark, and running up and down and up and down the ski hills, carrying logs and crawling through barbed wire on a rock bed filled with mud…

I was quite impressed, and quite proud of my man! I have the utmost of respect for his accomplishment in this race! And had a super fun time over the weekend watching him do it!

It is definitely not something I would ever consider attempting myself, but it sure looked like a lot of fun! (Apart from the 16 K up and down the ski hills!)

Just want to share a few photos from the weekend, and share with you my praise of my husband’s accomplishment!
















16th Anniversary!

Last Friday, I mentioned that my husband and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary together, and mentioned I would blog and fill you in today on how we celebrated our 16th anniversary. There were about three separate things we did to celebrate. First, the weekend before our anniversary, we went to check out the free Movies under the stars in Downsview Park in Toronto Ontario, after having a lovely italian style picnic dinner!

Part two of our adventure was on our actual day of! August 10th -last Friday.

So it was after I blogged that day, in the afternoon, on my way home from work, that I walked into the house with the song “Marry Me” playing by the band Train, on repeat with my husband standing there with 16 roses -one for every year of marriage, a couple of glasses of wine, Lindor chocolate, (one of my faves!) and a card sitting on the table which read:

“You are the best part of my past,
The joy of my present,
The promise of my future…
You are my love
Happy Anniversary”

Written out to “The most beautiful woman my eyes have ever beheld!”

So romantic!

By the time I finished reading the card, I looked up to a black box on the table, which contained a brand new beautiful wedding ring set! I was mesmerized!!

Then we proceeded to go out for dinner and watched a movie that night too, cuddling on the couch together at home! I was overjoyed!

Part three came on Sunday as we headed north to Collingwood to spend the day at Le Scandinave for a relaxing full day at the spa, including a one hour couples massage! So relaxing! So wonderful!
So perfect!

Such an incredibly intimate weekend! I still get mesmerized by the new rings on my finger!

Stay tuned for my blog this Friday as I talk about the importance of forgiveness. And next Friday I will blog about keeping the romance alive – fun date ideas! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Host Blogging

Hello everyone!

I took last week off from blogging to get refocused and re-energized, and simply to take a break to enjoy a few days of summer bliss! As some of you already may know, I am a bit of a beach bum! I LOVE lazy summer days at the beach! And the weather has been so hot here in Toronto Canada, that some might even complain it is TOO hot! But not me! I think I was meant to live in a warmer climate! Lol! Summer only lasts for three months here! I’d prefer to have summer all year long! I tend to hibernate in the winter, and come alive in the summer! You can’t keep me indoors in the summer! So yesterday, where was I? At the beach on probably the hottest day this summer! 33 degrees Celsius, with a humidex factor causing temperatures to feel like 43 degrees! And I was loving it!

But I digress! I was intending to use today’s blog to inform my fellow blog followers about a change in plans with my blog for the next little while.

First of all, I will not be blogging on Mondays until September, when I will be re-vamping my Monday blog. I will however, continue blogging on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, the same focus as before. For those new to my blog, Monday’s I have been blogging about a book I am in the midst of writing, and Wednesday’s are about me, things I love, updates on my life, fun vacation stories, or things I’m learning, or passionate about that I want to share with you all! I even post poems on Wednesday’s occasionally. Friday’s have been coaching/psychology related blogs about personal development or relationships. As that is what I do for a living, coach people in those areas. Please check out my website for more info at for more info, or to request a free 30 minute complimentary session with me!

So, here’s the second part of my change in plans. I am thinking of picking back up on my blogging on Monday’s in the fall with a new theme to try out. I am considering offering that day to host blog other bloggers, and hope to connect with other’s to host blog on their sites on Monday’s.

Here is what I’m looking for:

I am looking for content related to psychology and relationships.

If there are any coaches out there who are blogging and want me to host your blog, please contact me.

Anyone posting on inequality and justice related to abuse, or human trafficking, women’s rights, etc.

Anyone who is an author looking for more exposure for their writing, preferably non-fiction, but I will accept fiction as well.

Anyone blogging on social media tips for authors looking to market their work, or tips for businesses to market their company, and the latest trends in blogging do’s and don’ts.

Anyone blogging with writing advice to authors on how to polish your work, editing, marketing, promoting, publishing process, etc. so I can pass along advice to those following my blog, as well as to promote other’s blogs!

If you wish to be hosted on my blog for any of the above or any other related content, please email me at for inquiries. In the subject line, please write: ‘Host blogging’.

So that is my new direction for blogging come this fall for Monday’s! I am also looking to host blog some of my coaching blogs as well. So if you are interested in host blogging some of my writing, or know of anyone who is host blogging who might be interested, let me know!

Hope you all are having a great summer!




To all my Canadian readers: Happy belated Canada day! Hope you all enjoyed a great long weekend, and to all my American readers, happy fourth of July! And to my mom, who shares the American holiday by having a birthday on the same day, happy birthday Mom!

The first week of July is usually pretty busy for my husband and I, what with all the celebration festivities going on around Canada day, my mom’s birthday on the fourth (today) and my mother-in-law’s birthday on the 6th! It is a week of celebrating special events!

I just wanted to share a little about our Canada day long weekend and how we celebrated the weekend!

I guess our festivities began a few days before on the 28th, when my hubby took me to Edward’s Garden’s in the north end of Toronto, for a picnic dinner in the park, where he read romantic poems to me for a special date night! It is really such a beautiful garden, I will post a pic so you get the idea!

On Friday, we had a fabulous beach day at Wasaga beach, approx. an hour and a half north of Toronto. Beautiful fresh water beach, shallow water for forever it seems, making the water especially warm, just the way I like it!! Lol! We had dinner on the patio of one of the restaurants on the strip, and simply enjoyed each other’s company, great food and warm weather! Fabulous day!

On Saturday, after a fantastic workout at the gym, we decided to go out for a nice Thai dinner! Thai food is my absolute favorite!

On Sunday, Canada Day, July 1st, a few close friends celebrated the afternoon with a pool party, and BBQ dinner, after having went out for lunch with friends as well, and converged with a larger group of friends Sunday evening in Mississauga, for a free concert with Carly Rae Jepsen, and Juno award winners, Dragonette before kicking off an awesome fireworks display to end the evening off right! I LOVE fireworks – but only if they are good! These definitely qualified!!

And Monday the second was still an official stat holiday, so after my hubby had a game of golf with his buddies, the two of us headed out to see ‘The amazing Spider man’ in theaters! Great movie! Amazing long weekend! This weekend promises to be more of the same summer fun as myself and a couple of girlfriends explore many of the waterfalls in Hamilton Ontario. We’ve hit two of them already, so I’ll post a couple of pics for you, so you can enjoy them too. The one we saw on our last hike, Tew’s falls, is 42 feet, just shy of the 50 feet Niagara Falls boasts to be!












I hope you all had a great Canada day weekend for those Canadians who celebrated it, and hope my American readers have a great holiday today! I would love to hear your stories of how you celebrated your country’s national holiday! Have a great week!

Stay tuned for my kick off blog on a relationship series starting this Friday! Catch ya later!

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