I was supposed to blog on Wednesday, but ended up being way to busy to get to my blog 😦

So today, before i write today’s blog on taking the initiative – developing assertiveness, I am simply updating you that I will not be blogging next Wednesday or Friday, as my husband and I will be away on a MUCH needed vacation! The goal is simply to take a break from all the busyness of life and just simply avoid technology and work as much as possible! I firmly believe that our bodies need rest to recover from the busyness of today’s lifestyles!

I know what prolonged periods of stress can do on our bodies, to wear us out from over-exerting ourselves, trying to do more than is humanly possible on any given day! I believe in balance. A healthy balance of healthy living. I admit, when I’m on the go too much, I cave under time constraints and end up eating a lot less healthy than my body requires! This only contributes to the problem more! My goal is to get back in balance with getting enough rest, finding time for the gym, and eating healthier, taking breaks, enjoying my life, spending time with friends and family, and develop a healthy work life balance! This is one of the things I hope getting away on vacation will help me with… To reorient myself and get back into a healthy groove! (Not to mention the amazing Holiday we have planned!!!)

So our vacation plan is to head south to Montego Bay Jamaica!!! My hubby and I leave next Wednesday and will be back the following Wednesday! Sooo looking forward to this!!

This means that I will not be blogging while I am away.

But I hope to blog about my vacation once I’m back and fill you in on our trips & post some pics for you!

Stay tuned! My next blog, today’s blog on assertiveness, is coming shortly!

Have a great weekend!