I have a love – hate relationship with September long weekends, sigh.

I love having that extra day off and the vacation-like feel of the final long weekend of summer. I hate the fact that it reminds me that fall is coming, which I don’t mind, actually. I love the fall colors when the leaves change color and the crunch of the leaves under my feet after they fall to the ground. But I hate that it reminds me of the dreadful winter months fast approaching where I would rather curl up in my house and hibernate – just like a bear!!! ALL winter long! I hate to be cold. I simply cannot find enough descriptive terminology to thoroughly explain my ultimate detest at the thought of cold and winter… Especially when it involves ME being cold!

I simply LOVE summer, and wish I lived in a climate that was MUCH MUCH warmer than here in Toronto Canada. ALL YEAR LONG! Any takers? Anyone want to hire me in some tropical climate, so I would have to move there? Any takers? I’m thinking: California would be nice, Australia…. Anywhere in Australia where the temperature remains pretty consistent, anything above 12 degrees celsius and warmer would be good! Lol!

Now that I have gone on so long on my rant about summer giving way to cooler temperatures, I will try and segue back to the purpose of this blog, which was simply to recount a relaxing, wonderful long weekend with friends!

Barbecues at the beach, just chilling out and relaxing with close friends that you simply feel ‘at home’ with, sharing in silly and serious conversations, enjoying each other’s company and each other’s cooking! Our friend Chris is the best cook ever, and that isn’t even his chosen career path! All the better I suppose! Our group of friend’s simply get to enjoy his cooking exclusively I guess!!!

So this weekend, a few friends went to check out Innisfil beach, about 45 min north of Toronto (no traffic of course). I’ve never been before, so it was fun to check out a new beach. Located off of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, I must say, Ontario boasts some of the best fresh water beaches ever, with so many lakes in Southwest Ontario!

My favorite moments of the weekend involved a heart to heart conversation with a good friend of mine, while cooling off in the water at the beach, BBQ’s with friend’s, a lazy solitary afternoon on Monday with just my husband and myself checking out the beach in Scarborough, called Scarborough bluffs. My hubby, (Jason) has never been before! I discovered it last summer when a friend of mine introduced it to me! It’s a great little beach, and we went for a long walk, which reminded me of long walks on Cuban beaches. Sigh.

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE beaches? Or summer? Oh wait! I think I mentioned that at the beginning of this blog! I am mesmerized by beaches! I think it is my mission, perhaps on my bucket list even (if I had one) to visit as many beaches in the world and discover which ones are my favorite! If anyone has ‘best ever’ beach recommendations for me, I shall certainly add them to my list!

So the final long weekend of summer has come and gone, and I am thankful. It has been an amazing summer! And a restful and fulfilling long weekend for me. I am looking forward to picking up the pace in my career this fall, but have thoroughly enjoyed slowing down enough over the summer to stop and smell the roses! Life is short! Live it fully!