That’s right, I’m blogging Saturday instead if Friday! That’s because my husband swept me away up the grand river yesterday to go canoeing for a fun birthday event before taking me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday (which was the 23rd of August!) the night before that we checked out the busker festival downtown TO. (Toronto for those not local to the Toronto area!)

So, I thought this would be a great segue to today’s topic: how to keep the romance alive by coming up with some great date ideas!

I mean there’s always room for the traditional dinner and a movie out! But sometimes it’s nice to mix it up and check out new restaurants you’ve never been to, and expand your palate by trying new foods… Something very easy to do when you live in a melting pot of many cultures with all the verying types of food to try.

We are lucky in Toronto to have everything from Jamaican, Chinese, French, Italian, vietnamese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Israeli, only to name a few!
So mix it up!

You can also try different types of clubs or lounges with different atmospheres in each, whether it be a jazz club, to a salsa dance club, to anywhere they play live music.

Check out the local festivals in your city or town as well! Anything to get out of doors and experience the culture in your town!

How about going for a long walk on a beach nearby (or make it a day trip if the beach is far away) or walking hand in hand in a beautiful garden?

Dancing in the rain? Finding your favorite song together?

Renewing your vows?

Indoor picnics on a rainy day?

How about a blast from the past and check out a nearby carnival and indulge in cotton candy or a candy apple as if you were just kids again? Check our the rides while you are there too!

What about checking out the nearest local zoo or museum, or check out a water park for the day or go to a horse race or a casino for the day?

Make plans for short weekend getaways, not so far from home, somewhere you’ve never been, in between your big annual or bi-annual vacation plans?

Check out Montreal or Quebec city or manhattan, Vegas, Florida or LA?

Cruises can be fun, or sunny beach destinations as a vacation idea.

How about rainy day fun? Plan an indoor picnic! Go all out! Put your blanket on the floor, food in your picnic basket and enjoy some creative fun picnic food!

Create your own holiday and come up with fun ways to celebrate!

Here’s a fun one: book a couples massage!!! Or spend a day at the spa!!

Hot tub dates?

What about a random birthday or anniversary idea?

A romantic stroll in a romantic town. If you happen to be anywhere in Europe, Paris perhaps? Or anywhere really in France or Italy! In Ontario, check out Grand Bend, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Stratford… Or locally, a nice park, walking hand in hand, stopping only to kiss under the biggest tree you can find!

What about waking up early together to catch the sunrise quietly together in a beautiful part of town. (or for the not so early risers… Check out a sunset together instead!)

How about romantic notes for each other or a special card? Emotionally flood your partner with a list of the 12 most important things about your partner that make you smile or that you love the most!

Breakfast in bed is a traditional and wonderful way to wake up in the morning! Turn up the charm! If you haven’t been romantic in a long time, things like this are great to soften a heart that feels hardened by emotional distance between the both of you?

Sexy lingerie?? Or how about offering a simple foot massage, or a sensual full body massage?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about sporting events! Check out your favorite teams and sport and book tickets for the both of you to go together!

Or the ballet, catch a show like the blue man group, or a live play like Les Mis, or whatever is currently playing near you in the theatre!

Play your spouse’s favorite love songs by the fireplace to get the mood going!

A home cooked meal for the person who usually does most of the cooking!

A bottle of champagne for a special occasion!

Buy gifts for your partner that symbolize things they are passionate about to show thence you notice their passions and care!

Don’t forget some of the basic things: give your heart, not just gifts!

Write poetry for your spouse!

Make a little loving gesture each day for a whole year – discuss with each other what they consider loving gifts or gestures!

Buy her or him books by their favorite authors!

Buy their favorite movie!

Buy her shoes and purses, and jewelry! She will love that!

Fun sexy games to try:
Anything that involves stripping! Like poker, or chess…. Twister??

Basically, get creative, to keep things from feeling stale! All creative efforts show you are interested, and are usually appreciated! Timing is everything!

Know your spouse… This will help you better come up with great ideas they be sure to enjoy!

Be careful not to let fear of failing or things not going as perfectly as you planned kill the moment! Improvise or try again! It will get better with practice!

Don’t worry about feeling like you are not creative enough, or that you lack self confidence, try to stop worrying about the cost. These things can kill the moment!

Here’s another thought: write a list of the 50 reasons why you married them!

Dud I mention flowers and chocolate? Or whatever the favorite dessert is in your relationship?

Leave secret love notes tucked away somewhere for them to find randomly!

Get a babysitter for the night so you have uninterrupted quality time together to invest in your relationship! Set rules that date night is NOT the time to bring up issues in the relationship or even to discuss projects you’re working on, anything work related, or even the kids. This is a chance to re-connect and get away from the normal busy schedule!

Have fun creating your own fun ideas! May I recommend the book: ‘10,000 ways to say I love’ you by Gregory Godek for a whole bunch of ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Finally, get ideas from your friends and some of the romantic things they have tried in their relationships!

Go ahead! Put some fun and spontaneity into your relationship and get the romance going again!

Schedule a date night now, and start planning… And never forget how romantic a secret surprise is that is unexpected and random!

Have a great weekend!