Tough Mudder 2012I think I deserve some bragging rights to promote my husband’s latest and greatest achievement this past weekend! I am so proud of him and his team completing the Tough Mudder competition in Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, Ontario, somewhere between Barrie and Orillia, a little ski lodge in the winter, transformed for this event into the 16K Tough Mudder military style obstacle course inviting thousands of tough mudders to take up the challenge, including military personelle from all over Canada. I believe next year it will be held in Montreal Quebec, which my hubby, Jason, and his team are considering doing again!

He has been training for many months toward this big event and I think they all felt a little of the “what now?” feeling after successfully completing the course, including all of its obstacles!

I especially am proud of the ‘team effort’ and support of each of its members to put the team ahead of their individual course time, part of the official Tough Mudder mantra, which states:

“As a tough mudder I pledge that:

I understand that tough mudder is not a race but a challenge.

I put teamwork and comaraderie before my course time.

I do not whine, kids whine.

I help my fellow mudders complete the course.

I overcome all fears.”

It was awesome to watch them work together as a team, helping each other and encouraging each other on! It was also fun watching them jump into freezing cold water, and scale half pipes and 8 and 10 foot walls, and dive into muddied water from the top of the wall, and do the funky monkey, and navigate the 2 electrical shock courses, and they crawled through the spider web, an underground maze, completely in the dark, and running up and down and up and down the ski hills, carrying logs and crawling through barbed wire on a rock bed filled with mud…

I was quite impressed, and quite proud of my man! I have the utmost of respect for his accomplishment in this race! And had a super fun time over the weekend watching him do it!

It is definitely not something I would ever consider attempting myself, but it sure looked like a lot of fun! (Apart from the 16 K up and down the ski hills!)

Just want to share a few photos from the weekend, and share with you my praise of my husband’s accomplishment!