Last Friday, I mentioned that my husband and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary together, and mentioned I would blog and fill you in today on how we celebrated our 16th anniversary. There were about three separate things we did to celebrate. First, the weekend before our anniversary, we went to check out the free Movies under the stars in Downsview Park in Toronto Ontario, after having a lovely italian style picnic dinner!

Part two of our adventure was on our actual day of! August 10th -last Friday.

So it was after I blogged that day, in the afternoon, on my way home from work, that I walked into the house with the song “Marry Me” playing by the band Train, on repeat with my husband standing there with 16 roses -one for every year of marriage, a couple of glasses of wine, Lindor chocolate, (one of my faves!) and a card sitting on the table which read:

“You are the best part of my past,
The joy of my present,
The promise of my future…
You are my love
Happy Anniversary”

Written out to “The most beautiful woman my eyes have ever beheld!”

So romantic!

By the time I finished reading the card, I looked up to a black box on the table, which contained a brand new beautiful wedding ring set! I was mesmerized!!

Then we proceeded to go out for dinner and watched a movie that night too, cuddling on the couch together at home! I was overjoyed!

Part three came on Sunday as we headed north to Collingwood to spend the day at Le Scandinave for a relaxing full day at the spa, including a one hour couples massage! So relaxing! So wonderful!
So perfect!

Such an incredibly intimate weekend! I still get mesmerized by the new rings on my finger!

Stay tuned for my blog this Friday as I talk about the importance of forgiveness. And next Friday I will blog about keeping the romance alive – fun date ideas! Enjoy the rest of your week!