Hello everyone!

I took last week off from blogging to get refocused and re-energized, and simply to take a break to enjoy a few days of summer bliss! As some of you already may know, I am a bit of a beach bum! I LOVE lazy summer days at the beach! And the weather has been so hot here in Toronto Canada, that some might even complain it is TOO hot! But not me! I think I was meant to live in a warmer climate! Lol! Summer only lasts for three months here! I’d prefer to have summer all year long! I tend to hibernate in the winter, and come alive in the summer! You can’t keep me indoors in the summer! So yesterday, where was I? At the beach on probably the hottest day this summer! 33 degrees Celsius, with a humidex factor causing temperatures to feel like 43 degrees! And I was loving it!

But I digress! I was intending to use today’s blog to inform my fellow blog followers about a change in plans with my blog for the next little while.

First of all, I will not be blogging on Mondays until September, when I will be re-vamping my Monday blog. I will however, continue blogging on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, the same focus as before. For those new to my blog, Monday’s I have been blogging about a book I am in the midst of writing, and Wednesday’s are about me, things I love, updates on my life, fun vacation stories, or things I’m learning, or passionate about that I want to share with you all! I even post poems on Wednesday’s occasionally. Friday’s have been coaching/psychology related blogs about personal development or relationships. As that is what I do for a living, coach people in those areas. Please check out my website for more info at http://www.freedomlifelove.com for more info, or to request a free 30 minute complimentary session with me!

So, here’s the second part of my change in plans. I am thinking of picking back up on my blogging on Monday’s in the fall with a new theme to try out. I am considering offering that day to host blog other bloggers, and hope to connect with other’s to host blog on their sites on Monday’s.

Here is what I’m looking for:

I am looking for content related to psychology and relationships.

If there are any coaches out there who are blogging and want me to host your blog, please contact me.

Anyone posting on inequality and justice related to abuse, or human trafficking, women’s rights, etc.

Anyone who is an author looking for more exposure for their writing, preferably non-fiction, but I will accept fiction as well.

Anyone blogging on social media tips for authors looking to market their work, or tips for businesses to market their company, and the latest trends in blogging do’s and don’ts.

Anyone blogging with writing advice to authors on how to polish your work, editing, marketing, promoting, publishing process, etc. so I can pass along advice to those following my blog, as well as to promote other’s blogs!

If you wish to be hosted on my blog for any of the above or any other related content, please email me at Katie@freedomlifelove.com for inquiries. In the subject line, please write: ‘Host blogging’.

So that is my new direction for blogging come this fall for Monday’s! I am also looking to host blog some of my coaching blogs as well. So if you are interested in host blogging some of my writing, or know of anyone who is host blogging who might be interested, let me know!

Hope you all are having a great summer!