To all my Canadian readers: Happy belated Canada day! Hope you all enjoyed a great long weekend, and to all my American readers, happy fourth of July! And to my mom, who shares the American holiday by having a birthday on the same day, happy birthday Mom!

The first week of July is usually pretty busy for my husband and I, what with all the celebration festivities going on around Canada day, my mom’s birthday on the fourth (today) and my mother-in-law’s birthday on the 6th! It is a week of celebrating special events!

I just wanted to share a little about our Canada day long weekend and how we celebrated the weekend!

I guess our festivities began a few days before on the 28th, when my hubby took me to Edward’s Garden’s in the north end of Toronto, for a picnic dinner in the park, where he read romantic poems to me for a special date night! It is really such a beautiful garden, I will post a pic so you get the idea!

On Friday, we had a fabulous beach day at Wasaga beach, approx. an hour and a half north of Toronto. Beautiful fresh water beach, shallow water for forever it seems, making the water especially warm, just the way I like it!! Lol! We had dinner on the patio of one of the restaurants on the strip, and simply enjoyed each other’s company, great food and warm weather! Fabulous day!

On Saturday, after a fantastic workout at the gym, we decided to go out for a nice Thai dinner! Thai food is my absolute favorite!

On Sunday, Canada Day, July 1st, a few close friends celebrated the afternoon with a pool party, and BBQ dinner, after having went out for lunch with friends as well, and converged with a larger group of friends Sunday evening in Mississauga, for a free concert with Carly Rae Jepsen, and Juno award winners, Dragonette before kicking off an awesome fireworks display to end the evening off right! I LOVE fireworks – but only if they are good! These definitely qualified!!

And Monday the second was still an official stat holiday, so after my hubby had a game of golf with his buddies, the two of us headed out to see ‘The amazing Spider man’ in theaters! Great movie! Amazing long weekend! This weekend promises to be more of the same summer fun as myself and a couple of girlfriends explore many of the waterfalls in Hamilton Ontario. We’ve hit two of them already, so I’ll post a couple of pics for you, so you can enjoy them too. The one we saw on our last hike, Tew’s falls, is 42 feet, just shy of the 50 feet Niagara Falls boasts to be!












I hope you all had a great Canada day weekend for those Canadians who celebrated it, and hope my American readers have a great holiday today! I would love to hear your stories of how you celebrated your country’s national holiday! Have a great week!

Stay tuned for my kick off blog on a relationship series starting this Friday! Catch ya later!