Hi all, Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I know I did! I had the privilege of being part of a highly intensive, interactive, annual writer’s conference hosted in Guelph Ontario, called Write Canada!

This was my second time going to this conference, but I must say it is highly addictive, leaving you both energized and renewed, with fresh vigor towards your writing goals, as well as leaving exhausted and overwhelmed by the massive amount if content taken in from the varying speakers in their seminars. Not to mention the incredible connections you make, and the opportunity to meet and promote your work to editors, agents and publishers represented at the conference!

It is also amazing to have the opportunity to have your work critiqued and see the areas you need to work on and grow in your writing skills, and to come away with fresh new ideas and new missions toward reaching your goals!

I was extremely thrilled to find out I am already tracking as I should be in my social media circles, building the ever so important platform for my writing. It was also incredibly helpful to get some tips that I have not yet applied, which gives me some great take-away for the next steps in my writing career!

It is awesome to see the opportunities that come out of it, and to hear those words all writer’s long to hear: “Send me a book proposal” for the latest piece of work you are working on, or to submit some articles to a journal, magazine or paper, to get the added exposure in your writing! Those are joyous moments to be sure, accompanied by the weight of responsibility, knowing all that that entails to get your information together for the proposal!

It is interesting as well to connect with each writer and hear the stories of their journeys in their writing career, everything from the “I never wanted to be a writer” perspective but who have multiple books published now, to those who are fulfilling a lifetime dream…. All they wanted to do is see their name in print, having published one book, maybe as a kind of bucket list item to check off the many things they want to fulfill of their dreams in life, to those who are writing out of the trials and painful journeys they have been through and have lived to tell the tale!

It was awesome to get a sneak peak at the whole writing process from start to finish in Steve Laube’s (pronounced ‘lobby’ like the hotel) continuing class this weekend! By the way, he mentioned that those of us who were in his class were supposed to tell everyone we were given a publishing contract from him! (Although it was only to show us what to look for in the agreement of the contract! Lol! Sorry for giving away your secret Steve!) it was awesome to hear him speak with such integrity and concern for the writer, rather than to serve his own agenda, which he mentioned is important to look for when you are interviewing an agent or editor to ensure they ‘mesh’ well with your vision and can help work toward your goals as a writer! We got the opportunity to pitch our book ideas in 40 words or less in the class for the practice and critique of our classmates! Fun exercise!

And then there were the effective blog tips that were extremely useful and the social media tips, and the bookstore, and the faculty one-one appointments were you could ask your specific questions and get advice for your next steps!

All in all it was another exciting and awesome conference, and as one long time attendee mentioned, it’s addictive! Once you start going, you always want to go back the following year! Amen to that! I wholeheartedly agree! Though I am overwhelmed with a flood of content from the incredible material offered this weekend, while I quiet,y sit and absorb it all, the air of excitement for the journey ahead is bubbling up within my heart!

What a great conference! I’m going back next year for sure!