Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday to you! Only two more days till the long weekend for those of us in Canada!!!! And it’s supposed to be beautiful weather! My goal: Get to the beach as often as possible!!!! Be outside in the gorgeous weather all weekend long! What are your holiday weekend plans?

Anyway, today I thought I would write to discuss and update those who know me on a long standing issue I have had with my back.

I first discovered issues with my back in 1997 when I was working at a job where I needed to stand all day long on hard floors. I began to come home from work in massive pain, feeling every bump in the road as I would drive home from work. We began a bunch of tests to see what the problem was. No one seemed to know exactly what the problem was, until around 2003. Prior to that, the only thing they had discovered is that my arches had fallen and they may be causing the pain. When I was finally seen for a CT scan in 2003, they determined that I had spinal bifida occulta occurring in my back. The layman’s terms they put it into for me was that there was a section in my low spine where part of the bones that were supposed to be there, were not fully developed or missing. This occurs at birth they told me, that the bones had not finished developing by the time I was born. I have researched spina bifida and am grateful my condition is not so serious as some who can’t walk, or have disfigurements in their back. Look it up sometime! I’m not a dr. and have wrestled for years to understand what is going on with my back. This first CT scan had also revealed that that there was a nerve root conjoined between the L-5 and S-1 section of my spine (right near the tailbone). There was also mention of disc bulging and some loss of disc height in that disc associated with the disc bulging. But I have so much good news to share as a result of my appointment with the surgeon on Monday! It seems some small miracles have taken place in my back! According to the most recent scan, there is no loss of disc height in this area anymore!

The current issues that remain are a large posterior disc bulge and disc space loss at the T11-T12 area of my back (mid back). It is causing a mild mass of effect on the spinal cord. There is significant degenerative disc disease in this area. I also have rotoscoliosis in the mid lumbar area of my back. (google the terms for more understanding if you want!) It measures 18 degrees, approx a 30 percent curvature in my back and a slight fracture as well spodylolisthesis in the L5-S1 area. To simplify, I have a very slight slippage of that disc as well as a curve in my spine that is projected to get worse over time by the doctors. But there is good news!!! First of all, I do not need surgery at this time! He only expects it to get slightly worse, and does not understand why I have pain as it is a mild condition. But I now have the ability to get cortisone shots when I am in very severe pain! He also gave me exercises to do that will help! He basically told me the solution to my problem is to have bad posture! He said because of what is happening in my back, good posture makes it worse! Lol! That is simply too funny! As everyone says we are to have good posture! Apparently, I’m off the hook!

So the miraculous takeaways I got from this visit to the orthopedic surgeon are the following:

1thing from 10 years ago has already been healed!
I do NOT need surgery!
I should not have pain with this condition
I have not been in pain in many months!
I believe in full healing for my back! I believe it is possible!
He was looking at images from 1 year ago. If positive change happened from 10 years ago, I believe it can happen again!

Today, I have faith! I am grateful for a good report!

Stay tuned for my blog this Friday on abuse. I will be discussing workplace bullying, and will finish up the series next Friday, the 25th on how to break the cycle of abuse!

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