I recently watched the movie ‘, the whistle blower starring Rachel Weisz. It’s a great movie to give a real snapshot of the sex trafficking industry for those of us who live a life relatively removed from the horror of how severe this problem really is.
It was maddening & frustrating to watch those in authority who are meant to protect the weak, co-align themselves with international crimes against women and watch them get away with it and cover it up. Who can you trust for justice to happen? What is wrong with humanity when human decency gives way to violent lust? I battled hatred for men as I watched this movie, and yet I am aware that women are involved as well, in a system that makes it profitable by selling one’s own family members for greed & lust.

this particular issue of human trafficking is one cause I personally care deeply about and it arouses fierce anger in me at the injustice of it, and the power of those trafficking young women as well as the powerlessness of the girls who have been taken. I feel we need to be made more aware of the issue and get involved in doing something about it.

What infuriates me more is that we do nothing about it. We live our comfy lives pretending it doesn’t exist & ignoring it. And all of our entertainment revolves around sex, amplifying the problem. This is why I am truly grateful when the entertainment industry raises awareness to such issues, like the Whistle Blower or the movie ‘Taken” a few years back, starring Liam Neeson, as we all know how much influence the entertainment industry carries. Another reason to be grateful for actors like Ashton Kutcher who is raising awareness on the issue. See this article for more info: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/08/us-ashtonkutcher-idUSTRE81704I20120208

I mean, seriously, the superbowl is one of the largest venues for trafficking young women! And all you thought was going on was football! See the following links for more info:

Let’s do something to make it stop!
Join with great agencies like http://www.thea21campaign.org, change.org, Notforsalecampaign.org, human trafficking.org, http://www.catwinternational.org, http://www.polarisproject.org, http://www.charityvillage.com, the international justice mission at http://www.ijm.org, or check out what Ashton Kutcher is doing to fight child sex trafficking and exploitation on causes.com as he raises money for the DNA foundation which is dedicated to fighting child exploitation.

Check out this website as well: http://www.crisisaid.org/trafficking2.html And see how you can get involved to help bring justice to these women.

You may wonder why I am blogging about this issue today, as Wednesday’s I am supposed to be blogging about myself. Part of that does involve blogging about the things that I am passionate about, the issues that are on my heart that bring about in me an urgent desire for justice and freedom, two things I am really about, coupled with the fact that this past Sunday was Superbowl sunday where there is a large amount of activity involving abducting young women into the sex trade industry. I was thinking about it all day Sunday, wondering how many children would be abducted this year at the Superbowl. And praying.

Today, I simply want to raise our awareness on the subject, hoping some of you will get involved and be activists towards making this multi billion dollar industry crumble as we choose to become humane individuals fighting against slavery, fighting for the freedom of these young girls, forced against their will, drugged and beaten for any reason, threatened to not speak out against the injustice imposed upon them… Let’s decide today to be their voice.
Get involved. Do something!!! Thanks for hearing my heart on this issue, and please check out the links and websites I mentioned!