Today I am thinking back to a writer’s conference I went to last May, I think it was.

I had the opportunity at Write Canada, to have the first chapter of my book Found Wanting, critiqued.
I have to say, getting a critique is not an ego boost by any means. But it is an incredibly beneficial experience at any rate to have your work critiqued by those further along in their writing, or by editors, with the intention of helping you better your writing style.

I most appreciated my critique of my first chapter. But what was funny, is that I already felt the same thing, which was helpful to know I was already on the right track!

She mentioned that I had great potential as a writer, but one of my major areas to work on was to choose my audience. She picked up right away that I had already been struggling back & forth as to who I intended to market my book for: who was my audience? This tip was of great help to me. And back then, I was still in the very early drafts of my first chapter, so I knew it wasn’t ready to promote yet anyway, but I figured I may as well take the opportunity early on in my book writing process to get input about whether the subject was interesting enough to market.

I got lots of great pointers at the conference and made some great connections! I intend to go back again this year if I can make it!

I encourage all up and coming writers to check out writer’s conferences, start blogging and to build a platform for your writing through social media, as I was encouraged to do.

One last suggestion she gave me for writing a non-fiction book, which is what I am writing, was to understand how to write good fiction as well because it helps you write better non-fiction!

So much incredible insight, so thankful to have met everyone I did last year, and am forever thankful for the critiques, tips & advice I received last year! Looking forward to another great conference this year!

Here’s a little sample of an early edit of my first chapter of the book which you won’t probably find in my finished product! Lol.

Feel free to ask questions and make comments. But most of all…Enjoy:

“You have been weighed on the scales and found… wanting.” The words were there, written on the wall. The king in all his pomp, his power, his luxury, had been incapacitated, trembling, alarmed by the mysterious hand that appeared and began writing on the plaster of the wall. His knees began knocking together, and his face grew pale. The party with the free-flowing wine was suddenly interrupted, as the king cried aloud, demanding that the wisest men of all of Babylon be brought to him at once to explain the mysterious writing on the wall. What was its interpretation? The words, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. What did they mean?”

“What does it mean? “You have been weighed on the scales and have been found wanting.” Our opening story takes us into the book of Daniel from the bible, exploring a mysterious writing on the wall, setting the course for the remainder of our journey, attempting to uncover the meaning behind this curious judgment, and engaging in a much larger story to discover something about the heart of God. What you are being invited to, throughout the remainder of these chapters, is to become part of an epic journey to understand the grand narrative of the Christian faith.”

“The story begins with the heart of God to create a being in his own image, to know and be known by God, and to be the recipient of a love that was very contagious. It’s the story of mankind, God’s grand design for us, our fall from that original design, and a plan of redemption. So if God is love, why do we find ourselves looking at this same God telling some king that he has been found deficient?”

“The purpose and intent of this book, is to introduce you either for the first time, or all over again, to the good news. But in order to do that, I must first tell a story, which I will attempt to do throughout the remainder of this book. The story must begin with God’s original design. His original intention for mankind, which I will attempt to unpack in the next chapter.
In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what it means to be found ‘wanting’ or deficient.
The dictionary defines the word ‘deficient’ as: ‘lacking some element or characteristic, defective, insufficient, inadequate, deficient knowledge. One who is mentally deficient.
Perhaps God is maybe trying to get our attention on the fact that something has gone terribly wrong, something is defective, not in proper working order, that needs correction, rather than a harsh judgment that we cannot measure up to his standard? Maybe it isn’t about a standard at all.”

“Come and see the heart of God for you as I paint a picture of this epic love story of a God who desires for you to know him, and desires to lavish his love on you, more than you can possibly imagine.”

There you have it. I pulled a few quotes out of the first chapter (early draft) just to give you a few glimpses of what I’m writing about. They are not in chronological order which will explain why they sound a little choppy. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading my blog!!