So this is it! I’ve finally entered the world of blogging! It’s long overdue, but here I am, brand new year, brand new journey. My intentions to blog are to blog about 3x a week, Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I hope to blog about writing on Monday’s, since I am venturing into the world of writing… yes, I am in the process of writing a book. On Monday’s I hope to share perhaps qoutes from my book as it is being written, sneak previews, my journey about writing, and writing tips I pick up along the way! I might also share some poetry I have written as well.

On Wednesday’s, I hope to share a little about myself, who I am, what I’m about, the things I’m interested in. Perhaps I’ll share articles about things I am passionate about, or just ‘a day in the life of me – Katie Meilleur.’ I may share poetry here as well if it helps me to describe part of my current journey in life.

On Friday’s, I intend to share life coaching tips, relational advice, counseling related material that I have found challenged or inspired me throughout the week. Feel free to respond to my posts at any time, and if you are seeking counsel or advice, I am a life coach, available to offer some free tips on my blog, and if you wish to pursue a life coaching session feel free to contact me at for more information, or to set up an appointment! I can do phone sessions as well as in person, in the greater Toronto area.

For today’s blog, I will simply leave you with the synopsis of the book I am working on writing. Btw, I am looking into getting into some journalling, and would love it if I could find a newspaper or magazine that would be interested in doing a ‘Dear Abby’ kind of piece, where I could utilize my life coaching skills as well. Soooo…If anyone has any contact suggestions for me, please keep me posted! Thanks for reading my blog! Below you will find the synopsis for my book, Found Wanting. Hope you enjoy, and have a great day!

Katie Meilleur/Found Wanting Synopsis
Found Wanting

“You have been weighed on the scales and have been found wanting.” Deficient. But it was not always this way. It was never meant to be so. The grand design had been perfect; crafted together by the master designer himself: God.
Before the foundation of time, there was a desire deep within the heart of the godhead, a design for the expansion of the perfect model of love and community expressed between the trinity to be shared with mankind created in God’s image. The desire was that they would know and experience and participate in this same love as the godhead shared, and to extend that beyond themselves and create a family, a community that knows God’s love and passes it on.
But… something went wrong. The sad reality is, in order for one to freely love, one must have the freedom to not love. One must have the freedom of choice. And long before creation began, our God had an enemy who sought to be god himself. Exalting himself above God, he began a war in heaven for the throne. He was defeated and fallen, his ego wounded, but he needed to find a way to get back at God. He knew he was not powerful enough to defeat Him, so his plan involved the next best thing: Attack the object of his affection. When he lost the war in heaven, he began a crafty plot to get back at God, by assaulting his heart, the very core of his being, the desire of his heart – mankind. Adam and Eve took the bait and found themselves in a state of deficiency… found wanting. The sin condition would forever pass on to their descendants, separated from God, and independent.
This separation was unacceptable to God, and he began a desperate pursuit to redeem mankind. God was on a mission to restore his original plan. Though his people were found wanting, or deficient, as a result of their independence, when his character and goodness were called into question, he began a pursuit to redeem mankind. His great unfailing love for us culminating in the most perfect plan of all: God would become a man, perfect and sinless, and prove his love for us by ransoming us from our fallen condition of sin by the message of the gospel; a message that when we fully uncover it’s meaning, it is ‘good news’ that leaves us ‘found wanting’, as in desiring after a relationship with a God who is love.